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With a minivan for general Paris tours and highlights overview, on foot to discover a district, a monument or a museum or food markets and stores

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Walking tour

Walking tours to discover a district, a monument or a museum or 'gourmet' walks through street markets and food stores.
General or themed Paris tours on foot

Walking tours

News & Event - Paris Tours

Visit temporary exhibitions with a private expert and fun guide-lecturer, light up your Paris tours with Art enjoyment

News & Event

Paris Packages - Paris Tours

Packages including transfers, a program of nice Paris private tours and beyond and charm hotel accommodation with breakfast

Paris Packages

The Conciergerie

The best of Paris with a choice of Paris tours in a day,  a half day or by night


Museum Guided Tours - Paris Tours

Visit a famous and large Paris museum with our guide such as the Louvre or Orsay or a lesser known and smaller one: Marmottan, the Orangerie, the Petit Palais, Gustave Moreau, Delacroix, Picasso, Maillol ... Enhance your Paris tours with Art discovery and enjoyment

Museum Guided Tours