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Giverny (or Chartres) and Versailles

  • Giverny - Versailles

    While driving you along the Seine river valley to the village in Normandy where Claude Monet lived from 1883 to 1926, your guide will retrace the painter's life and his sources of inspiration.
    You will then visit his house and studio and the gardens he created as a subject for his paintings. See the ponds and the Japanese bridges built with a lock on the tiny Epte river for the Water Lilies series.
    On the way to Versailles, on a scenic road overlooking the Seine river valley and cross beautiful landscape and charming villages.

    The palace and the gardens of Versailles count among the most prestigious monuments of the world's artistic heritage, a finest and most complete achievement of 17th century French art and the sumptuous theatre of history from Louis XIV to Louis XVI.

    Option: Instead of Giverny, visit Chartres and Versailles.
    Chartres boasts the most beautiful and the largest cathedral in Europe. Triple masterpiece of French Gothic Art : by the architecture, the sculpture, and the superb 13th century stained glass windows. (their surface extends over more than 3000 square yards).
    Walk through the old town where beautiful houses line the paved streets. Several "hillocks" lead down towards the Eure valley with its old mills, tanneries, "lavoirs"- riverside wash houses - and bridges.

    - Full day tour to Giverny or Chartres and Versailles 8h
    - "Skip the line" entrance fees and reservation to Versailles State Apartments/Hall of Mirrors and gardens included

    • Monet's house in Giverny

    • Versailles the Hall of Mirrors

    • Versailles - view from the Orangerie