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3 days in the Somme: the Great War and the Bay

History and wild life

3 days the Somme: on the traces of the Great War (WWI) and natural discovery in the Bay with birds and wild seals watching

3 days - 2 nights

  • Day 1

    A day on the paths of the Great War

    Departure from Paris, towards the 'the Armistice Clearing' (museum memorial of the Armistices of 1918 and 1940).
    The armistice of November 11, 1918 was signed in one of the cars of Marshal Foch's private train.

    We continue our road to Péronne to visit the Museum of the Great War (WWI), housed in the castle of the city, not far from the battlefields of the Somme.
    It is the most comprehensive museum on the First World War in Europe.

    Not far from Péronne, get the opportunity to stop by a little corner of nature, Belvedere of the Somme which offers a splendid view of the Somme ponds. We appreciate the cliffs and the swamps of the Somme classified Natura 2000.

    Afterwards, visit the museum of the Somme 1916, in the village of Albert, telling us all the details of the war of Trenches with showcases of objects (uniforms, weapons, bombs...).

    First night in Amiens.

    • Somme map

    • WWI museum

      WWI museum

    • Thiepval - Ulster tower

      Thiepval - Ulster tower

    • Chattered landscape - WWI

    • Amiens cathedral

      Amiens cathedral

  • Day 2

    Bay of the Somme: discovery the bay and walk across

    In Amiens, discover the largest Gothic cathedral in France, often considered one of the masterpieces of medieval architecture. Being the capital of the Somme department, Amiens is exactly on the road to the Baie de Somme, 45 minutes away. Incidentally, Amiens is the where the current French president, Emmanuel Macron, comes from.

    We take the road to the 'Baie de Somme'. Upon arrival, stroll through the cobblestone streets of the charming medieval town of Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme with breathtaking views of the bay from the heights of its promontory. Lunch in the village.

    Cross the bay between Le Crotoy and Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme, the major attraction of the 'Baie de Somme'.
    Follow your local wildlife guide through the bay and the salt marshes, feet in the mud, while experiencing the changes in light.
    Good physical conditions are required for this 2h30-3h walk. Sneakers or boots and a windbreaker are highly recommended.

    Second night in the 'Baie de Somme':

    hotel options:
    4 * Château hotel in Noyelles-sur-Mer
    3 * Hotel Les Tourelles in Le Crotoy, with bay view

    • Saint-Valery

    • Hotel

  • Day 3

    Bay of the Somme: wild seals watching and bird-watching

    Wild seals watching from the village 'Le Hourdel', where there is the largest colony of wild seals in France. Follow your local nature guide who will provide you with binoculars.

    Lunch in Le Crotoy overlooking the bay. Restaurant recommendation: Les Tourelles.
    You will have time to stroll by the sea, between the English Channel and the salt marshes.
    Depending on the tide, a walk might also be possible on the impressive 'dyke of the locks'.

    Afternoon on the other side of the bay:
    Discover the National Natural Reserve of Marquenterre and its ornithological site.
    Take a walk on the wooden observation paths and platforms for the observation of bird colonies, among which, storks, cranes, egrets, herons, spoon-bills, ...

    Return to Paris.

    • Seals and birds

    • Le Crotoy