The Unspoilt Treasures of A 19th Century Prince

    Wonderful Estate: Architecture, Art, History, Paintings, Horses ...

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      Marvelous site, the Domain of Chantilly includes the Castle with the Condé museum (first private painting collection in France, furniture, library), the park, unique because of the diversity of its different historical gardens and its varieties of trees, the hippodrome, the forest.

      The Musée Vivant du Cheval is housed in the most beautiful stables in the world, the Great Stables of the Princes of Condé, an architectural work of art of the 18th century.

      'Le Parc de la Faisanderie' (The Pheasant park) This magical garden has been revived recently with several re-creations: the Prince's' kitchen garden, orchard, fantasy garden, a unique hen house with 20 different breeds and some 'ornamental gazebo' sheltering pigeons presented by 'style': curly, peacock, fantail, capuchin... a delight for young kids and adults too.

      From the end of March to the beginning of April 'Daffodil Festival' :
      Like during the time of the Great Condé, himself a huge collector of flowering bulbs, 100,000 daffodils, narcissi, irises and 3000 tulips will announce the arrival of spring. Daffodils will appear like a veritable yellow river flowing into the pond of this ravishingly romantic garden.

      For Chidren, around Easter :
      'Festival of the Chick and the Egg'
      Easter week, will be the occasion for children to hunt for chocolate eggs, participate in egg painting, see the chicks, and to learn all about the farmyard with the gardener (14h30 - 15h30).

      • Chantilly castle

      • Chantilly castle

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