All about da Vinci and great wine experience

    A day particularly designed for families, with the history of Leonardo da Vinci at Chambord and Clos-Lucé, and for the older ones: discover Loire wines, especially the ones made from the grape 'chenin blanc' favorite of King Louis XI

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      The Château is the largest in the Loire Valley, allegedly built to a design created by Leonardo da Vinci. Extravagant structure with massive tours and terraces holding 360 chimneys where the court and the women used to attend the king coming back from hunting. Of all the architectural wonders of Chambord, the most famous is the double-spiral staircase, core of the building.


      Royal castle and gardens overlooking the river and the blue-slate roofs of the town. The Saint Hubert chapel houses the tomb of Leonardo who died in Amboise. Tasting of Touraine wines, appellation Amboise or Montlouis.

      Manoir de Clos Lucé

      Leonardo spent the last time three years of his life at Clos Lucé (until his death in 1519). Discover the amazing collection of 40 inventions, drawn by Leonardo himself and constructed by IBM : the first automobile, the tank, the parachute, the helicopter, the swing bridge... A thrilling meeting with Leonardo the engineer, four centuries ahead of his time.

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