Gothic art and French monarchy

    Saint-Denis is the Patron Saint of Paris, learn about his history and legend and about the French Royal dynasties

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      Saint-Denis Basilica, prime masterpiece of Gothic art, sheltering the reliquary of Saint Denis, who was buried in the Gallo-Roman graveyard, became the necropolis of the kings of France and was one of the richest abbeys in the area.

      Nowadays over 70 recumbent statues make up a collection that is unique in Europe, a precious testimony to funerary art and a pleasant approach to French history with the different dynasties of French monarchy represented.

      Private tour of the basilica, the crypt and the merovingian cemetery

      • Main nave

      • Royal Tomb

      • Recumbent figures

      • Recumbent figures

      • tomb of Louis XII & Anne of Britanny