A true immersion in the Middle-ages, close to Paris

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      Senlis is an exquisite little town, with narrow cobbled streets, ancient buildings and beautiful churches. The old town is a preserved area, where efforts have been made to preserve and restore the built heritage, some buildings dating back to the XIIth century. A number of films and costume dramas have been shot here.

      The cathedral is one the earliest example of early Gothic style, and there are churches and other religious buildings at every corner, as the Bishopric of Senlis was extremely influential until the French Revolution. For a long time Senlis was also a Royal Residence: King Hugues Capet (founder of the powerful Capetian dynasty in 987) was crowned there, Louis VI re-built the Castle in the XIIth century, while Saint Louis built the Saint Maurice Priory. There is a lively street market every Tuesday and Friday morning.

      Calèche rides, starting from the Cathedral, are a great way to explore the medieval centre, and to soak up the atmosphere. You are here in the heart of Royal Picardie, close to Chantilly, Compiègne, and Pierrefonds and their majestic forests. Senlis is still home for or a nice day out for many posh Parisians (Paris is only 35 miles away).

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