Special kids : Provins

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      Ramparts, dungeons and knights. Provins has remained intact since the Middle Ages. Discover this amazing site, classified a world monument by UNESCO.

      A 13th-century fortress that simulates real battles with brave knights in costumes, music, acrobatics and horses. Performances staged around the art of war in the Middle-Ages, with all of the weapons of the time. Not to mention the spectacular flight of the birds: eagles, vultures, owls and falcons dance in the air like the ballet dancers on the stage, to the delight of the visitors.

      After the show, stroll through the tiny cobblestone streets to admire the Tudor houses. Inside, the local craftsmen will let you discover the art and the gastronomy of the Middle-Ages. Culinary specialties made from the famous Provins 'rose': jams, nougats and syrups will leave a sweet taste in your mouth.

      • Provins - the village

      • the Caesar's tower