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The most famous castles of the Loire valley & Chartres

3 days - 2 nights

  • Day 1

    Paris / Chambord / Amboise / Chenonceau

    The Château de Chambord is the largest in the Loire Valley. Extravagant structure with massive tours and terraces holding hundreds of chimneys. Of all the architectural wonders of Chambord, the most famous is the double-spiral staircase, core of the building.

    Amboise Royal castle and gardens overlooking the river and the blue-slate roofs of the town. The Saint Hubert chapel houses the tomb of Leonardo who died in Amboise. Possibility of wine tasting.

    Chenonceau, Castle-bridge built over the river Cher, where the unique beauty of its architecture reflects in the water, nicknamed "le Château des Dames", it owes a large part of its charm to women.

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    • Chambord

    • Amboise

    • Chenonceau

  • Day 2

    Villandry / Langeais / Ussé / Saumur

    The gardens of Villandry are among the most fascinating in France: an ornamental kitchen garden and the romantic ‘Love gardens’, designed in 4 parterres (Tender love, Passionate love, Inconstant love and Tragical love…) that can be admired from the terraces to the rear of the château.

    If there is time, visit Langeais, a very nice middle-age castle with a draw-bridge, a sentry walk and inside, apartments with beautiful period furnishings and colorful tapestries that exude a genuine medieval atmosphere.

    An acme of the day is the look at Ussé, the castle which inspired Charles Perrault for his 'Sleeping beauty' seems actually to come out from a fairy tale.

    Discover a wine estate in Saumur where the ‘tuffeau’ stone cellars where carved by an artist to look like the ruins of an old abbey.
    Wine tasting including a delicious sparkling wine.

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    • Villandry

    • Langeais

    • Ussé

  • Day 3

    Cheverny / Blois / Chartres / Paris

    Cheverny is a classical early 17th century private castle richly furnished, with a beautiful park and a hundred hound dogs in their kennels.
    Wine tasting opportunity in Cheverny

    Blois is a magnificent royal castle in a major town and illustrates different periods in architecture: it combines a Gothic, a Renaissance and a Classical wing.

    Of all the great gothic cathedrals, Chartres has survived into the 21st century almost intact, not only architecturally but with its vast and extraordinary iconographic program in 12th-and 13th-century stained glass and sculpture. It was inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites in 1979.

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    • Cheverny

    • Blois

    • Chartres